Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter weekend

Since Easter provides a long weekend, it was the occasion for my daughter Emilie to come and stay a few days.
She did not come alone: she was with her friend, Yann, whom I had not met yet. So I had him checked by my bodyguards :-). As you see, he did very well:

We discovered we all like cooking. Yann and I had wanted to make Shushis for a very long time, but never tried. Since I had all the required ingredients, we decided to give them a try:

I think we did very well, and it was fun to "cook" together.

We also tried home-made Fajitas. Once again team work. I did the chicken, Emilie did the fajitas and Yann the guacamole. The sun did the rest!

I'm already looking toward their next visit! 


nikkipolani said...

I think you could start a bodyguard school for birds. They look totally unobtrusive and nonthreatening -- a great disguise! You all look like you're enjoying a bit of warm sunshine :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The body guards would know a nice person when they saw one. It is great that your daughter has a friend that would come to visit Mom. I bet your house seemed empty when they departed. I am glad you had this time together. Cheers.

neki desu said...

whew!!i thought emilie had grown a goatee! :)

Anonymous said...

C'est quand qu'tu viens nous voir?(même sans shushis...m'enfin si tu nous en fais....tu nous connais....)
Si tu te décides ce jeudi il n'y a pas (on ne sait jamais...)
Gros bisous