Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hello Ladies,

I had not expected comments on my bento box, but am thrilled you did comment!

Thank you Neki for the link, full of ideas indeed. (And I explained to Emilie what a goatee is, could not miss the opportunity :-), but please, never tell Amandine she has one, that would be a disaster :-)).
Anne, according to the size of your bento box, you do control the size of the portions. I read somewhere that there is even more. If you respect the proportions of rice, vegetables/fruits and proteins (I think 2/3/1), the volume of the box gives the quantity of calories you eat. So I know that the M size is good for me and don't have to worry too much about those calories :-)

Susan, I did not know you have been in Japan! And we used your recipe for Emilie, with ham instead of fish for Emilie (she won't eat anything coming from the sea...)

Poupounette-San, I was sure you were going to enjoy that too.

Today bento was quinoa taboulé, with beetroot and pilchard (from a tin, marinated with lemon, no oil, yummy), melon and pear/sesame crumble.

I'm just back from a walk in the hill. Can you see those wild dwarf irises?

Yeah, the weekend is almost here, take care until then!


Kerri said...

Vero, Thanks for posting pictures of the wild irises. They're beautiful! I'm amazed to see them growing wild. Apparently they are quite happy in that soil.
I appreciate your explanation of what grows in the soils around your area.
It's too bad the farmers are having such a hard time. It's not an easy business to be in here either.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit with Emily and her friend. The food sounds delicious!
I like that Bento box. What a great idea!
Isn't spring wonderful?

Wanda said...

ha ha I never even heard of a bento box! But it sure looks like something fun to use. The pictures on the hill are so pretty. I've always loved seeing the photos of your area