Friday, October 2, 2009

Figueres and Dali - photo heavy

After Tossal del Mar and Girona, we arrived in Figueres to spend the night.
At the hotel, we have been spoiled, and the dinner was yummy.
In the morning, we went downtown.
We saw flying cows:

We stopped at a chemist. It looks very old fashioned and like family. Clearly the customers were returning customers, meeting there to exchange all the news from the weekend. A kind of cosy place for elderly people. Very amazing.
Our next views of the town where "classical":

Then we arrived at the Dali's museum. Amandine was a bit upset, she had Dali's house in mind, which is apparently on the coast. Not that far away and I was ready to drive to that house until we realized that it was closed on Mondays, starting with this very Monday.
Since we were in front of the museum, we took our tickets but I can tell you we were ready for the worst.

In fact none of us knew much about Dali. She had the melting clock in mind, and I some TV add for Lanvin chocolate when I was a kid. You see how ignorant we are...
So, on we go. The first room is hudge. And for me it was like entering in a fairy tale. No more regrets.  The eyes and the ears are caught (there is music playing). My first thought was "it is perfect!".

You see the painting with Abraham Lincoln? Depending on where you are, you see Lincoln, or Gala watching the sea.

Just a few pictures from other rooms:

We could have taken many, many pictures. Each more beautiful that the others.
Go to the museum site for a virtual visit, especially of the first room.
As you go out of the museum, you can visit an exhibition of jewels made by Dali. He made them for the beauty of it. They are not all wearable, for technical or economical reasons but they are all beautiful.
And this one is striking:
We both just loved this visit. It left sparkles in our eyes for a very, very long time.
I was amazed by all the technics and knowledges Dali used. I heard he was a genius, and I do agree.
Oh, and Gala... Anythime there was a painting with her on it, it said LOVE...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What gorgeous photos. You have seen enough inspiration to keep you motivated for some time.

Unknown said...

I love Dali! Thank you for your wonderful writings! Suzie. xxx

Rosemary said...

Thanks for educating me on Dali.So interesting ........

ClaireOKC said...

Isn't it fun to fill your eyes with such beauty?...and inspiring too!

Cat with a Garden said...

Don't you just love sursprises like these?
We saw that you jouned our followers and just wanted to say a quick hello. We're going to search for your two cats now.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli