Friday, October 16, 2009

Bird watching in Monaco

Painted and embellished cows are very fashionable, right ?
But Monaco is a city a bit different from the others, right ?
So you won't be surprised by embellished cows, but by birds!

My favorite one is the Unchain my Heart bird, but see for yourself which you like best:
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PS I'm sure I did not see all the birds, bird watching is the same everywhere, you have to look carefully to see the birds :-)
I've tried to find more information about those birds, in vain...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These sculptures were surely an inspiration to you Vero. I liked them all. I really liked seeing the gulls by the waterside.

Unknown said...

They are amazing, really enjoyed the slide show. Suzie. xxx

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Vero. I thought several of the more fanciful interpretations were quite interesting -- like the one with just wing tip and head protruding from the black box.