Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back on line, yeah!

Well, I'm very impressed by this new provider.
I live in a small village and the phone lines may be a bit "old". The safest way was to stay with Orange and France Telecom, the national Internet and phone provider. Meaning I pay for Internet AND for the phone. And then, another provider contacted me, saying the lines have been updated, and that I could safely go to the concurrence. The main point is to save the phone bill. About 1/3 of my Internet/Phone bill in fact. But I expected technical or commercial issues. The new provider said it would take less than three weeks, so I read it WILL take three weeks. For once I was wrong. The whole took one week, and I was offline less than that. Installation was easy. The new provider did all the paper work except one letter. Yeah!

Emilie has been camping last week, near Rodez. She came back with this beautiful cake.

Go here to see how it is done.
In the meantime, since I was not surfing the net, I made some small items, like this one:
This is a little bag to carry boarding cards, passports, etc... I made it from leftovers (cat fur is on option...).

By the way, Lisa and Rosemary, huck embroidery is quick because the needle always stay on top (you just slide it between two threads), and counting is required on the first row. The following rows are offsets from the previous one, at least in this kit. So you can be lazy and achieve a lot!

It is very, very hot here. I hope you enjoy a beautiful weather too! Take care all!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that you are back online without too much inconvience. It looks like you kept busy.

Wanda said...

It's great to hear that your internet switch went quick and smooth!! Great news. The little bag is wonderful...I never even thought to make myself one even though every time I travel, I think that I need one. Hummm...brain problems?? Yeah, I guess so! The cake is great. It reminds me of a Tirolean wedding cake.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to being online! Did you enjoy your online-vacation? Sometimes it's nice to take a break ;-)

Susan Elliott said...

Welcome back! Does the little bag indicate that you're planning to travel soon?

Anonymous said...

C'est vrai que c'est very very hot et peu propice à l'avancement des travaux!!J'espère qu'on te reverra bientôt avec une foultitude d'idées!!Gros bisous

Unknown said...

Glad you are back! Love that bag. Suzie x :)

ClaireOKC said...

It's awful to be online - even if it is to upgrade - glad you're back in the saddle!