Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogs to visit

Hi Ladies,

For once, this post is not about myself, but to invite you to visit two new blogs about travels.

El Mundo is our Oyster is about Sophie, Céline and Amandine, three lovely and lively young ladies who are setting off to the wild wide world.
Sophie has just arrived in the Dominican Republic, where she'll work for an NGO. Amandine and Celine are about to travel to downunder.
Speaking of Amandine, she has just started her own blog: Amandine in Wonderland
Her last post is so sweet! Go and read it, and you'll understand: I'm the mother she is talking about :-) Besides, you'll have another sight of Budapest. Interesting we did not see the same things.

I'm sure they'll love to have your visit, and they are the cutest girls I know (in addition to Emilie, my other daughter, of course).


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thanks Vero. I will pop over and have a look. Cheers.

Amandine said...

Thank you Mum !!! :)