Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Results "live"

Thank you all for your comments on the sunny top! I hope my daughter Amandine will like it. I'll give it to her next weekend :-)

This weekend has been a long one, since today is our National Day.
A very enjoyable weekend indeed.
I was browsing Facebook, telling myself I should rather be in front of my sewing machine, when one of my American friends posted a picture. Which I commented. In return, she asked me where I was in France. To make the story short, she happened to be in France, staying not very far from me, just above the only beach I used to go to when my daughters were only kids. So we spent the next day at the beach, chatting in the font of a beautiful sea. I spent a wonderful day, I hope she did too. Who said Facebook is only for geeks?

Another good news is that Sharon B. from Pintangle is back to blogging. I was missing her badly, and I know many of you did. So hurry to visit her!

Talking of visit, my other daughter Emilie was there too. I had forgotten a simple fact about her, heat and stress make her lose weight. She is hot and stressed right now. So she dropped at least one size, I would even say two. She'll gain it again in winter. (note to self, sew two separate garderobes for Emilie!). So I spent most of yesterday undoing and redoing seams. Sigh! But here are the results, and she was really pleased:

I've been working on the pants (Sarouel) last Satturday, because I knew she wanted some. I was a bit hesitant (they are a bit too extreme for me), but when I see the result, I'm glad I did! When she walks in them, she is absolutely gorgeous!

Now she is in the train to Paris, and I'm preparing all my stuff for this short week. And for the weekend ahead with Amandine.
Take care!


nikkipolani said...

How fortunate your girls are to have an accomplished seamstress for their maman. Do either of them sew? Probably not when you are creating these lovely pieces tailored for them!

wendy said...

Very nice! My favorite is the first black & white dress with the big flowy skirt :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love that black and white dress. She looks great. It is a good thing her Mom can sew if she gains and loses weight that much.

Anonymous said...

Mum, thanks for all:D and sorry for the overwork :S
I ended the trip with the sarrouel, so great \o/
(We all know you're a geek, really :p And what do you mean by extreme? Oo)
Girls : Amandine and I really do appreciate all she's doing for us!! As one of my colleague said, i do sales shopping at my mother's place ^^ Such a luxe !!
Kiss :*

Eli said...
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Gail said...

Great pieces for a young woman. I particularly like the maxi dress. I also appreciate having postings like these that I can show my older daughter. She often isn't enthused by a pattern until she has seen it made up.

Eliane Zimmermann said...

da kommt man aus zwei unterschiedlichen ländern und geht im dritten land stoffe kaufen! das finde ich global-mega-cool! eliane, schnatternd zurück im frischen irland

Wanda said...

Your daughter looks beautiful..as always! She's so lucky to have a mom like you! What a treat to meet up with someone and enjoy time together.

Susan Elliott said...

You are really something!! I am so impressed with all of your sewing and Emilie looks absolutely STUNNING in all of your garments -- both styles of dress look great on her -- GREAT job, Mom!

Rosemary said...

Great work .

Tany said...

WOW, very impressive! Love all your outfits!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Lovely!! Can you come be my mom??? ;-)

Loved the sunny top, too! I do like wearing happy clothes, yet sadly stay with darker colors because I'm such a kleckapot!


Conni said...

beautiful outfits!

neki desu said...

she takes after her mother, much more than Amandine.
great outfit btw