Thursday, June 18, 2009

Belly dance

I love my new chair, it makes sewing a pleasure. Choupette thanks you for your support. As for me, I could do without the cat hair customization on my pants... or having a fight each time I want to sew... :-)
Tonight, we had a short performance at an elderly home (not sure this is how you say it). They had their summer party, with an oriental theme. They ask us and three other groups to help for the animation. I'm not the lady in purple, I'm the one in red behind.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You look darling in your dancing outfit. I am sure the residents loved the performance.

Wanda said...

You look fantastic!! And such a wonderful way to give put on a show for what I think of as the world's treasures...our elderly. And what a pretty day to have had! I can't imagine life without the cat hair customization!! ha ha

Susan Elliott said...

I am SO impressed with your dancing!