Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mail received

I've been spoiled by two talented ladies

This lovely white card is from Corryna:
and this beautiful lady from Conni:
Am I not a lucky girl ?

This is the ATC I sent to Conni. It represents a dandelion flowing in the wind:

and the one I sent to Corryna. Those are supposed to be stockfishes, stockfish been the only word from Netherlands that made its way to our local language:
Thank you Conni and Corryna for this swap opportunity!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would say you are all lucky ladies. Are these works small? What exquisite detailing.

Corryna said...

How nice of you to publish a photo on your blog. I did the same on mine :-). And I would love to make another trade. I think we agreed on sending each other an ATC, but I forgot about it and send you a postcard. I will have to make other ATC's, but when I have some ready I will send you one. And I would like it if you would send me a postcard :-). I really like your stockfish. I take could care of them :-)

Wanda said...

Whether an ATC or a postcard, these little beauties share a part of the artist. All of them are unique and beautiful