Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When a friend of one of my daughters is expecting a baby, that daughter comes to me and suggests that I do myself a pleasure: knitting something that won't take me hours. And I'm glad to do that.
This time, it is for a little boy, due in less than two months. His parents are a bit flashy, Mum has red hair and Dad used to have a green hair crest. So soft blue was not really an option. Besides I like bright colors too. In the reality, this is a bit more poppy red.
Now, I'll be back to my poncho, the one which require circular needles, and a lot of patience, as it is all mohair lace :-) Will take me some more hours, certainly even months.

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Barbara said...

So sweet! The little baby boy will look great in this tiny "dress"! Unfortunately I'm not able any more to knit (because of my ill fingers!).