Sunday, June 15, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

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As usual, my assistant is helping:

I'm lucky she does not sit on the seedlings, but between them...

Yesterday, when I left to do grocery shopping, the buds were closed. When I came back, the sun had reached them and they were open. Here are the first daylillies of the season.

This one was given to me, I don't know its name...

This one is called By Myself. This is one I've purchased last autumn after reading a post by Kerri of Colors in the Garden. She had been visiting a lilly farm. I was already planing to start gardening again. This post has been a great incentive. Thank you Kerri! If I remember well, they did not flower before mid-July last year. Maybe the rain of this spring makes the bloom sooner...

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Wanda said... be able to work outside. I don't even have a balcony! Your assistance are very good at their jobs! ha ha It does sound like you need those are a busy woman.

Aiyana said...

Very nice daylillies. Love the colors. I wonder why the name, By Myself? It's an interesting name.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice blooms Vero. What a good assistant to not sit on your seedlings. Handsome cat.

Pat said...

Day lilies,hemerocallis(I think) are so called because each individual flower only lasts a day. I used to have lots but they have disappeared over the years.

Barbara said...

I'm still waiting for my daylilies to bloom. A lot of them have damages from hungry slugs (we had a rather rainy period!). Yours look so beautiful and sain!

Kerri said...

Vero, I'm so happy you're enjoying the daylily blooms already. I also have 'By Myself', but you probably know that already :)
Your lilies are beautiful. They do seem to love plenty of water. Will you add more this year?
We hope to make a trip to the lily farm some time in July.
You're lucky to have such a pretty assistant to 'help' you in the garden :) I've enjoyed all your pictures of her.
Happy gardening to you!