Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've started working on April TIF challenge, on the "how do you see change" theme.
This is going to be the background. The words in blue mean change, the other words are synonyms, at least in my mind.

I could not get a better picture, because of the weather. But I won't be able to blog before Monday and wanted to post of TIF.

Thinking about what changes mean to me is a bit emotional. I've just turned 50, my kids have left the nest, my life changes in several ways and though I enjoy it, it is a time of questions.


Anonymous said...

Je trouve que tu prends fort bien ce virage :-)!

solange said...

Ce n'est pas un virage, juste une courbe, tu es encore toute jeune.Bises

allie aller said...

I love that you are using words in the background. Great idea.
I am 54 now and absolutely LOVE being in my 50s...once you get used to it, I know you will too! ;-)