Sunday, April 13, 2008


Startare, glad the fairy names make you laugh.
Carol, glad you liked my little piece of wisdom :-)

Thanks to those who like my garlic...

If you like beautiful embroidery, don't miss JoWynn blog.
She has made a stunning study of garlic, resulting in a beautiful embroidery.
She makes our day with a slideshow of cherry trees that you dont' want to miss, really. And that's only on her last posts. The whole blog is really worth a visit!

As for me, you won't see much of me this week. I'm off for a 3-day training, with no access to internet, then back to work for two days, with certainly a lot to catch up with, and on Friday night, I'm off to spend the weekend in Barcelona at my daughter's! I hope we can visit the garden in Montjuic...

I wish you a very good week!

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Annica said...

I hope you'll have a great week too!