Sunday, March 2, 2008

GTS - Barcelona

Green Thumb Sunday
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It was the first time I saw citrus tree of this size. I suppose some kind of tangerine tree...

Just wanted to share it with you.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow, these are big. So pretty as an allee.

Sisah said...

Dei sind ja wirklich groß, wo hast Du sie fotografiert? Hast Du keine probieren können, um festzustellen, ob das tatsächlich eine Mandarine ist?
Have a nice GTS

Barbara said...

Ich habe gerade kürzlich Bilder von Orangenbäumen in einer portugiesischen Stadt gemacht und die sahen exakt so aus wie deine auf dem Bild gezeigten! Aber es waren tatsächlich Orangen (post folgt bald!).
Bonne semaine!

Aiyana said...

We have them this big here in Arizona, but we don't trim them up with the canopy. The sun is so hot that if the foliage is left to almost droop to the ground, it protects the trunks. Also aids in fruit production. Happy GTS,

gunnelsvensson said...

So beautiful tree! Thanks for your comment in my blog, yes, I have a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

Such handsome trees, Vero. My citrus trees (orange, lemon, lime) are still quite young and look rather straggly. Hope they will grow up to as nicely shaped as these you've pictured.

Digitalgran said...

I love Barcelona too and you have picked one of the things that thrills me, I love to see trees with oranges, lemons or limes actually growing on them. Your 60ies kitchen is lovely and also the colours of your February challenge are beautiful.
You are right about my threads, I see a mother and baby. It was better before I started with the embellisher, I saw a face with 'mother love' in it which was lost after punching.