Monday, March 3, 2008


Regarding the door:
Wurzel, es sind inches, nicht Zentimeter. Das Stück ist 23cmx23cm. Ja, ich verbringe wirklich eine tolle Zeit mit den neuen Maschinen. Und es freut mich immer, ein Fan wie Du zu haben :-)
Glad you like the colors, Annica and Angelcat. I've tried to make the door itself less vibrant, but apparently, dull colors are something out of my reach :-)
Fifiquilter, Startare, I was really not inspired by the exercice. In fact, it is for an exhibition, but I don't know where, for what purpose, etc... When we asked for the size, shape, ... the lady gave us the answers out of the blue. So I had the feeling this was leading nowhere. Once I went over this little detail and decided to do it, I had fun. I've spent the whole afternoon on the door itself, but did not see the time go by.

Regarding orange trees:
Aiyana, I would not have thought of the trick with the foliage. I don't know if those suffer from the heat, they are surrounded by high walls, so there must be a lot of shadow...
I hätte gern ein Obst probiert, bin aber zu klein... I would have tasted one, but I'm too small...
Sisah, die sind in Barcelona, im Zentrum.

Regarding TIF:
Thank you all for your comments. The piece is 13cmx21cm. I try to keep them small, in order to finish them in the month...

I wish you all a beautiful week!

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