Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Knitting, answers

Once again, I did not expect so many comments :-) Thank you so much, ladies.

Fifiquilter, I went to you blog, but it is empty? Is it new?
Muriel, tu exagères d'utiliser la langue des signes ici :-)))
Gattina, I never thought I looked like a politician. I don't think I'd have any chance, too old, too fat, love deep cleeverages, grumpy, etc... :-)
Thank you Pat, Tirane.
Penny, the pattern is very easy but I find it so difficult to translate. I just don't catch the American knitting explanations or English ones. Not to mention the size of the needles. But I must find a way out because I saw some wonderful pattern I'd like to do. Once I understand, I'll tell you how to do this one.
Sequana, I'm usually far too serious. I am also shy. I was only making faces because I hate beeing photographed. BTW, I don't like the TIF palette either, but that's what challenges are about, going further :-).
Nikkipolani, nice to meet you there too.
Annica, hope you'll more of me someday.
Magpie and Lisa, did I tell you the name of the color? It is Merlot. I think it is a wine ?

Now I'm going to a rehearsal of belly dancing for our show on Sunday... oh Dear, another great adventure... And after the rehearsal of tonight, we are supposed to go out and eat a couscous...


Wurzerl said...

Na,na, liebe Vero, wenn so ein hübsches Persönchen so ein tolles Kleidungsstück vorführt, dann ist das doch klar, daß es die positiven Kommentare nur so hagelt. Damit mußt Du dann schon rechnen!
Siehst wirklich entzückend darin aus.
Lieber Gruß vom Wurzerl

Anonymous said...

Vero, I'd love to hear what you had at the couscous meal :-)

startare said...

where is your bellydancing show? I might pop over if it's not too far from where I am

Magpie's Mumblings said...

BELLY dancing? Oh my...words fail me.

Anonymous said...

Quel show dimanche ? Promis, je n'en parlerai pas à Pascal.

Rayna said...

Je veux savoir où on peut trouver un bon couscous à New York -- ou bien -- près de NY.

Belly dancing!Quel courage!

Doreen G said...

Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog