Sunday, December 30, 2007

GTS, Spring already ????

Green Thumb Sunday

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This is the surprise of the week, the first narcissus. There are due in March/April...

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Have a great Sunday all!


Aiyana said...

What a nice winter surprise! Happy GTS,

Mark said...

Tell them to get back in they are going to catch a chill.

Lise said...

I,m green with envy!!Daffodils in December..What a wonderful surprise..I admired your sister's hardanger stitches the other night. Did you know those stitches are Norwegian?? They come from an area in Norway, on the west coast, called Hardanger. The stitches are originally used on the national costume from that area.
Happy New Year, Lise

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

You have blooms already? Lovely, we will not be seeing any blooms for another 3-4 months.