Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Thank you for your comments on the market.
I know several of you would have loved it.

I love my salad bowl. Although I'm on my own, I usually cook my meals, and like to make them pretty.
My kitchen cabinet is full of bento boxes for lunch. I needed something for dinners and breakfast.

You are right, it was difficult to resist the shoes. I have the hope that the seller can be found at another session. The reason I was able to resist, is that I've just changed glasses.
My first choice was the middle ones, the solar on top came as free. But I liked the butterfly ones  too. I did not order them though, not at once. I decided to wait until I get the official ones and see if I still liked the butterfly ones. You guessed I did.The seller was kind enough to lower the price a bit, but not enough for another pair of shoes on the same month :-)

(I do not recommend buying several pairs of glasses: you have to decide every morning which pair you'll be wearing)
Before going to the market in Aix, I went to a garage sale, and found those cuties. Hooks, the kind our grand-mothers would use to remesh stockings. Nobody does that nowadays, and it is a shame. Maybe not for standard stockings, but I've ruined tshirts or fancy stockings with a mesh getting loose, and wished I had those hooks to fix them. The set is not complete, two of them can be fixed on a support, the other two can't, so I guess they are not of the same kind either. They belonged to the seller's grand mother. She was selling them for nothing (1 euro), but was glad I took them home to give them another live. Any advice on how to clean them?

Let's finish with a green picture. When I go in Aix-en-Provence, I park my car in a parking lot, choosing between the two in the center of town. Yesterday, I discovered those two places for electric cars. For the moment, they offer the reload of the battery. How cool is that?


Unknown said...

Those glasses are cool!

A friend of mine has a huge collection of glasses and they all came with a good reason/excuse/ story! I like her glasses.

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

I can see why you gave in for the glasses, they are very cool! Interesting about the new electric car spaces - is that at the Rotonde carpark? We have a solar charging 'thing' (it looks like a weird big umbrella' in our village but I've yet to see anyone use it.

Bassetmomma said...

I love the butterfly glasses too!
How cool that they have "green" car parking spaces with a recharge!

houndstooth said...

Oooo! I love the glasses! I want to get a new pair, because I love being able to switch them up, and although I wear contacts most of the time, I know that I shouldn't wear them all of the time. I do better with that when I have cute glasses to wear! :P

neki desu said...

you'll look great in the butterfly glasses. they are sooo very you.
considering leaving this town for yours.( one can dream)