Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let's broom

Some of you have been curious about my broom crochet.
You'll understand better with a few pictures:

I did my first gauge with the size 10 needle, but it did not match the instructions. Before re-computing them, I tried with the big pencil, and it was much better.
You wrap loops on your broom this way (in truth, to the end of the row, but I was a bit lazy ...)
 Note that you work from left to right on the first row, and from right to left on the following. No turn!
On the following row, you take 6 loops on your crochet DSC02597
Throw the yarn over the crochet, then pull through the loops

do 6 single stitches on the loops
and repeat on the 6 next loops
Repeat those two rows as wanted.

Regarding the Internation Women's Day, Lisa mentions she never heard of such a day. And I'm not surprised.
Frankly I did not pay attention until now. And it is often presented as another commercial day. This is especially true in France where it is shortened to Woman's day, like in Mother's day, but with less impact. It is often seen as a commercial day, with special offers in shop, enticing women to buy more on that day, and men to offer flowers. The exact wording in France is International day for the rights of women, that makes a big difference.
Due to the crisis? due to DSK? due to both? French feminist blogs have noticed that there are fewer commercial ads, and more feminist events this year. Anyway, apart from one or two TV channels (Arte had two very good films, one about the male domination in everyday life, one about suffragettes) I did not hear much about the rights of women...

Enjoy your weekend!


georgia little pea said...

Vero, I feel quite silly. So there is no broom? As in the sort you sweep with? Hmmm.

Unknown said...

You're so artistic and skillful. I love to see your works as they are so beautiful.

houndstooth said...

I have never learned to crochet, but my grandmother and great aunt were both so talented with it! It makes me sad I never learned it from them.

I hadn't heard about International Women's Day until one of the fathers of a kid in my class wished us happy International Women's Day!

Shirley Goodwin said...

What a lovely result from your crochet. I did not notice International Women's Day being mentioned here at all.

Yes, there was some alpaca yarn for sale and I was fondling it, but decided I really have enough yarn already...though alpaca is lovely.

neki desu said...

i'm going to follow your instructions and see what i come up with!
sad that IWD has lost its political and feminist objectives.

Bassetmomma said...

What a great crochet pattern. I had never heard of it! Thanks for explaining. :)

Remington said...

Very cool! Thanks for the instructions! Beth said she is going to give that a try! Thank you so much for the positive thoughts while I was ill this past weekend! I appreciated it!

nikkipolani said...

It looks fantastic, Vero! I'm completely hopeless with needles so I will not attempt but will sit back and admire your handiwork :-)

blandina said...

A very nice stitch, I will try it very soon, thsnk you for the explanations!