Thursday, May 19, 2011


Nothing original here, just my old crabby lady in her now favorite activity.
but I liked the way she has her paws. And also how her white patches match.

Life has been a bit hectic for cats in the recent past.
One of my neighbors has got a second, not cat-friendly dog.
Besides, works have been on for one year now at this house, noisy works.
So cats don't go to this garden anymore.
On the other hand, I try to do organics gardening, and I think the cats too love it. More bugs to jump at, grass to hide, etc...
As a consequence, all the cats come and gather in my garden for a nice chat and some napping/sunning.
My own cats are not thrilled. Osiris has even been in a fight, ending at the vet, with a wound at her throat.

On top of that, a nice feral cat thinks this would be a good forever home.
My old ladies are still a bit hesitant.
Osiris tolerates him, barely (she'd love to be a single cat...).
Depending on the day, Choupette welcomes him and teaches him how to train me, or chases him...
He is still shy with me, at least during daylight.
When it is dark, he is no longer afraid, sleeping at my feet, purring and requesting snuggles...
Anyway, he spends more and more time with us, bringing the energy of the youth with him.
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nikkipolani said...

Oh dear, that's rather a lot of cat activity! My neighbors have some very loud dogs but I still get feline visitors. They don't stay long, though. Amazing that the feral cat is so calm near you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your kitty looks so sweet lying there with her white spots all together. Look out, you will have many cats before it is all over. Those cats know a cat lover when they see one.

Unknown said...

It's a lovely picture of your kitty! The white patch is gorgeous and I like the way she curls up herself too. So comfy and so sweet!!!
Have a great weekend!

Rosemary said...

Ah to rest and sleep as happily!

Wally said...

Such a sweet photo. The paws are so cute.
I hope Osiris is feeling better.

Kerri said...

Cat pictures are always welcome, Vero. I love to photograph them while they're sleeping.
Your rose is beautiful. I haven't had a lot of luck with roses. They're not very happy with our short, mild summers.
How lovely that you are looking forward to a grandnephew. You've made some beautiful things for him. I expecially love the little slippers :)
It's always lovely to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by to see the spring garden. You should see the lilacs. They're having a banner year!