Saturday, November 21, 2009

Magazines sold out

Those magazines have found new homes already!

Hello to all!

I'm making room. So I have some magazines to sell.
Embroidery magazines, edited by the Embroiderer's Guild:

  •  January/February 2007
  • March/April 2007
  • May/June 2007
  • July/August 2007
  • September/October 2007
  • November/December 2007
  • January/February 2008
  • March/April 2008
  • May/June 2008
  • July/August 2008
  • September/October 2008
  • November/December 2008

FiberArts magazines:

  • November/December 2006
  • January/February 2007
  • April/May 2007
  • Summer 2007
They will be yours if you pay for the postage. One magazine to the US would be either 3 or 5,50 euros (economic or priority), to the Europe it would be 2,80 or 4 euros.
If you are interested, contact me by mail, I'll check and confirm the postage according to the number of magazines you want. Then you can pay through paypal and I'll send the magazines as soon as paypal has credited my account.


Corryna said...

Hi, I would love to have all the fiberArts magazines. But that might be asked to much. So I would also be happy with one :-). Please send me your PayPal information and let me know the costs :-).

Do you know the magazine Patchwork Professional (a German magazine)? I have one issue double, so I could send this to you in return.


Anonymous said...

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