Monday, April 13, 2009

Doing nothing

Well, with me, read doing nothing boring. This has been a 3-days weekend.
The first two days brought rain. No problem. I wanted to work on V1099

I was uneasy with this pattern, because of the fly: I've always found it difficult to sew a zipper on pants. On this pattern, there is a real fly. Never done that before. I was a bit scared, to tell you the truth. But the explanations were easy to follow, and in a couple of minutes, I had the most beautiful zipper I ever made :-)
The size too was an issue. I've ordered the pattern in the larger sizes, starting with 16. But when I did the jungle dress, it was clear that a size 14 would be better. So I reordered the pattern in the smaller size. To be sure, I made a muslin. It turn out that the pattern fits me with no alteration, except for the length. Size 16 would have been far too large. And the muslin will be great under a dress for the belly dance performance in June.
Btw, if you need/want the pattern starting with size16, just tell me, it is yours :-)

The pants tonight.

I'll make the hem tonight. I'll start the jacket as soon as possible.

I could have started it today, but it was sunny and some weeding was required. In addition, I knew that I would sew until bedtime, and I needed my rest. So this was not a good option.
Instead, this afternoon I painted my jeans. Another project inspired by Altered Couture. It was fun to do.

Have a ncie week all!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Aren't you being the creative one. I love your new pants. A professional looking job for sure. The jeans are cute too.

Sue Krekorian said...

Wow! You have been busy - in a very nice way. Love your sewing and painting. And if the pattern is still available, this fat friend would love to make it for herself and her daughter!

Wanda said...

The pants turned out great! And I'm so happy you didn't do the wrong size. The painting is really cool...gotta try that!

Conni said...

You did an excellent job on the pants! Love your painted jeans, too! Cute idea!

startare said...

Bravo: on aimerait les voir portés, ce serait encore mieux.

Muriel said...

Dis donc, il a l'air superbe ce pantalon!!