Thursday, March 26, 2009

this and that

Pfff, where is the time going?
Thank you so much for your comments on my dress! I'm eager to wear it now, but it is not warm enough yet.
I've been working on a TShirt and its jacket on Monday. Wanted to work on them tonight, but instead, I made some food shopping and gardening.

I sowed this calendula last year. I was not impressed by it, it was supposed to be as sparkling as a sorbet. Well, I guess too much sun hid the sparkles. Tonight, I found it lovely.

This is my "last-born". A rose named after a French pop/country singer, Eddy Mitchell. I planted it two weeks ago, it is already growing. I like this dark burgundy!

And here is a parrot tulip. The first one!
Close to her are narcisses. They bloomed very early last year, just after XMas. But I was sorry they did not bloom this year. I guess they have been scared by the snow, they are blooming only now!

And this was the bad part of the evening. Buying food means I cooked. I opened the drawer to fetch a knife, and fetched a little furry ball, well almost. And look at what it had done to my brushes:
Not a single "hair" left!!!!!!!! All what remains is the tiny yellow bit in the background! I think it is very rude.
And while I put some traps, the ladies were very busy, mounting guard on my bed! This is a very rare view, they avoid each other most of the time.

I wish you a very good weekend. I went to Barcelona to be with Amandine last weekend, and Emilie is coming this weekend. Ain't I a happy mother?


solange said...

Je vois que tes chats sont très
Tu as de la chance d'avoir des fleurs, chez moi elles peinent à fleurir.Bisous.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can hear your heart singing with joy for your daughter's visit.

Rosemary said...

Love the pics of your flowers, so springy....... The scaredy cat ladies are too well fed...LOL . Have fun with your family visit......

JoWynn Johns said...

Thanks for the views of your blooming flowers. A virtual visit to your garden. Lovely.

My son took me to a delightful French restaurant for brunch last Sunday. Yes, you are a happy mother, with daughters as friends.

Grown-up children are such a joy, aren't they?