Saturday, October 18, 2008

October TIF - part one.

Sharon has given the theme and palette on October 1st, but I did not find the time yet...
Looking at my studio right now is worthless: it is also a storage place for my daughter's stuff. So let's keep it for another year.
Working with the palette ? Yes, but:
  • I don't know what to do with the palette,
  • I want to make some ATC this weekend,
  • my friend Annick lent me a book to browse, and I want to do so, and experiment some of the ideas.
The obvious answer to this dilemna is to do the three in one shot. That is ATC in the TIF palette, with new techniques.
So back to basics:
  • sketchbook for some brain storming, and searching through the stash for the right materials.
  • OK, the sketchbook is a bit empty, but already of great help to understand the colors proposed and try to reproduce them with the fabrics paints I have.
  • The book: it is Fabric Art Workshop by Susan Stein. I would recommend it, it is full of simple techniques, by simple, I mean easy to use. And the projects proposed are inspiring. I've set my mind on some painting techniques, since I need fabrics in the palette colors and don't have any at hand. I've tried monoprinting from a sheet protector:
    Painting inside the sheet protector and mixing the paints:

    Applying to the fabric:

    Checking the result:

Right now, it is drying until morrow.

PS: Annick! She is a friend, a French lady, very active in our textile art group. She has just started her blog too. Please go and say hello: Les Zizouilles. Les zizouilles is an invented word for the little textile stuff we like in our group. But I guess it has many more definitions.


solange said...

Tes essais sont très concluants, je vois que toi aussi tu te lances dans ce genre de techniques. Merci pour l'appréciation du livre, il me faisait envie depuis quelque temps.

Wanda said...

I LOVE your attitude!!

Susan Elliott said...

I like watching your process and I am happy to see you try new things and share it with us. Viva la adventureuse (?)!!!

neki desu said...

hey! you're on your way,nice fabric you've created.

neki desu