Sunday, September 21, 2008


Green Thumb Sunday

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OK, I've been a bit lazy regarding GTS lately, but I did not have much to show. August has been very hot, turning the garden into some dry land.

If you click the following two pictures, you cas see some Helianthus tuberosus L. The wind has been a bit hard on them, but I like their flowers.

Visit Lisa's blog to see beautiful ones! Mine stay under control, at least until now. It is the first time I planted them in full sun, and they liked it. When planted in shade, they remained very short and did not flower. In the sun, they are about 2 m high and brought a nice touch of green all summer long.
Their French names is Topinambour. For the older people, they bring back sour memories: during WWII, they have been a subsitute for potatoes. Many people would avoid eating them for that reason. I don't find them easily in vegetables stands. As for gardening, they belong to the old and rare category, although the new chefs are bringing them in fashion.

Below, you can see the two yuccas, that decided to flower at the same time. and for the second time this year. I love those bells.

And here we have a new lemon species, the feline one:
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Rosemary said...


kesslerdee said...

Lovely wild look to your garden! It really is beautiful! The potted citrus are awesome!

Anonymous said...

How very interesting, about the potato-substitute. I especially like that feline citrus plant. :-)

Aiyana said...

It looks like a cottage garden! Interesting plants. I too seem to barely manage a GTS post each week, and I usually don't get around to visiting other blogs until Sunday night. Maybe when our fall starts and things look better after a really hot summer, I'll be more conscientious with GTS!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thanks so much for the link Vero. Your garden looks good for being dry this summmer. Our garden has been dry most of the summer too. I have had a hose stretched out most of the summer. Finally we are getting a few fall rains.

solange said...

J'adore ton chat!!! Toujours là pour jouer les "Stars".

Wurzerl said...

Liebe Vero,
habe ich das richtig verstanden, Du hast Topinambur gepflanzt??? Da sei bitte vorsichtig, der kann plötzlich explodieren und wuchert dann ganz furchtbar!!!
Hier werden oft die Knollen ähnlich wie Kartoffeln zubereitet und gegessen.
Liebe Grüße vom Wurzerl

Anonymous said...

Coucou Véro !Pourquoi q't'écris qu'en anglais?pour que je me perfectionne avant de partir à NY?
A bientôt et en français I hope!!