Sunday, May 25, 2008


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Within the last year, my two daughters have finished school and found jobs, meaning I have more time and money to:
  • go away,
  • enjoy gardening.

However, going away even for only three days is not compatible with gardening here, especially during summer. The plants need their watering, and I don't want to ask a neighbor to spend one hour watering for me. So last month, a gardener came and installed an automatic dripping system. This has been very effective, it has been raining regularly since the very first day :-).

I don't complain about that, the garden has not been so green for so long for several years. It is just weird to be back to a rainy spring after several years of drought. Not only weird, but a blessing too. However, I know that once the rain goes away, the garden will be burnt by the sun in a couple of days, whatever I do. So for the moment, I enjoy it, even the weeds...

Below are two nice surprises of the weeks, a lilly, and a peony I have transplanted last year. It has only one flower, but a beautiful one. The weeds behind are euphorbia, I like them too much to get rid of them.

Green Thumb Sunday

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Annica said...

Your garden looks lovely! And green! :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your blooms are just beautiful Vero. One persons weed is another flower. I just planted some euphorbias this spring. I hope they take.

Aiyana said...

Beautiful blooms. I understand your dilemma regarding your garden. Even though we have an automatic irrigation system, I can't leave for any length of time because of the close to 200 potted cacti (contrary to popular belief, they need water in our climate in the summer when they are potted.) One year I left for a month and had someone come and do the watering, and they overwatered to the point that I lost 15% of my plants. Although I enjoy my cacti, it is also a burden, having to stay in this heat all summer because of them.
Happy GTS,

Barbara said...

There is envy when seeing your beautiful lily ;-) !! Up to now I never managed to have a blooming lily, they were always destroyed by the "famous" little insect who loves lilies too!!
Enjoy your green garden!

Anonymous said...

MMmmmm....Red,YelloW,GrEEn...LoVe Ur GArden...