Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm glad my little piece brought some colors to you! And I've enjoyed all your wishes for the weekend.
It has been indeed a good weekend. Although we have always remained in contact, my last visit was 10 years ago, they have visited me about 7 years ago. So you can imagine that I did not recognized my nieces at once! Despite of that, I felt at home at the second I stepped out of the car. Even for people I met only once, I was definitely family. This is a great mood booster, believe me.
And this gathering was only a teaser: my brother in law turns 50 in June. He, his mother and one of our nieces are born on the same day. My daughter Emilie was born 2 weeks later. So there will be a big familly party, with bbq at the river and many other things which I don't know yet. This time I did not hesitate and said yes at once :-). I'm sure that will be fun.
The other surprise was frost. I have not seen such a frost for ages, about 23 years since the weather is mild here, and my house is in the middle of the village. Of course I don't miss the "cleaning the windows of the car" part, but I miss the beauty of the landscape. So i took some pictures back home:

Now back to work!

Have a nice week!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad to hear that you had a good weekend with your family.

That frost looks cold. We are having unusually mild weather right now.

Lise said...

Beautiful photos Vero - and I'm sure you've had a lovely weekend. We had 30cm of heavy, wet snow during the weekend - the main airport was closed for hours - and one of our old, tall lilacs in the garden broke down due to the weight of the snow!

Anonymous said...

Wow, kind of nice to celebrate's everyone's special days together! And your frosty weather is the real thing - our frost is this little ephemeral stuff that sits on rooftops for about 20 minutes after sunrise.

Wurzerl said...

Liebe Vero, bei uns war das eigentlich die Hochwinterstimmung. Ein einziges Mal 5 cm Schnee, die sich schnell verflüchteten und das äußerste,was der Winter sonst zu bieten hatte, war das, was für Dich schon ein Extremwetter ist. Du hast es gut eingefangen mit Deinen Bildern. Ich bin gespannt, ob wir noch einmal solchen Frost oder gar Schnee bekommen, die Pflanzen sind alle schon so weit entwickelt und die Vögel singen schon sehr unternehmungslustig.
Hauptsache, Du hattest ein schönes Wochenende.Lieber Gruß vom Wurzerl

JoWynn Johns said...

Lovely photos.

Kerri said...

Your family gathering sounds like great fun!
It must be very mild there if you rarely see frost. It certainly gives some beautiful photographic opportunities. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.
Your craft works are so bright and colorful!