Sunday, October 24, 2010

Red weekend!

Hello to all!
Although I've been busy this week, I don't have pictures of my work to show you.

At the beginning of the week, the weather was windy, but still nice for a walk. And I learnt that hunters are not allowed on the hill on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So I walked on Monday and Wednesday, over 90 mn each day, meaning I did not have much time left for textiles. On Friday, I walked too, but to do some errands. Hard to believe there were so many people doing just the same! I saw they were hanging the XMas lights in the streets (I like XMas lights, even though I think it is a bit early...)

On the other evenings, I cut the appliqué pieces, and prepared them yesterday. I've learnt a few things from the Kokeshi appliqué, regarding needle turn, and I think the quality of this appliqué will be better. For the moment, they are little pieces of fabrics waiting in a box. I'm glad I did all the preparation, I "just" have to position them and sew them.

I've been selected to test a photo book software on Internet. So I've been sorting pictures, and have started building my book today. For those who are interested, this is a photo book proposed by cewe. My subject for this book: the apples of my eyes, aka my daughters! So far, the creation of the book is fun, the page layouts are nice, with a good choice re the number of photos and their positions and sizes.

You may ask "why is the title of this post Red Weekend?" Because this is the opportunity to report of the event that took place two weeks ago in our little village. One of the main street was red:

This is an older fire rescue truck, announcing the annual gathering of the local firemen
This one is old, with a showel attached in front:
old Jeep, with showels and spare wheel attached wherever possible
again rather old truck, very short one, probably to go in the forests

modern SUV, with a snow device in front
a boat, with a fan, just like in the Everglades
a kind of golf car
small truck with trailer and caterpillars
group photo, the red trucks with the green hill in the background
This one is not of a local fire truck. It was taken in Alice Spring, and is part of a large truck. Unfortunately, I could not take a good picture of the whole. But I was very impressed by all the plugs.
A little part of an Australian fire truck, with many plugs of all sizes and counters.

Fire rescue is important everywhere. I think we live in a very exposed area, with a large population, therefore a lot of traffic by road, rail or air, many high-risk industries, tourism entailing sea and mountain accidents, and wild fires. This weekend was for "traditional" firemen, but the fire rescue airplanes are also based at the local airport.

Let's hope we don't need to call them!
In the meantime, take care, and enjoy the week ahead.

PS: Becky from Cruisin' with Criket mentions she finds captions useful when reading blogs. So I've tried to add some, and will try not to forget in the future. Maybe you will like to do the same. I found the menu "add caption" by right-clicking the picture. 


neki desu said...

what a cool firetruck show!
i just found out about captions and gave them a go.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you have been quite busy. Can't wait to see your new quilt. The fire truck display is interesting. We don't have a lot of these types of vehicles in our area. Have a great week.

Unknown said...

What a series of nice red vehicles! They look cold and new even though some of them might be the old models.

Glad you've learned some new techniques from the Kokeshi Applique and I'm looking forward to hearing what you've sewn.

Christmas is really round the corner now. Here isn't a Christian country but most malls will have their Xmas decorations on soon after the Deepavali (Indian's New Year) as we live in a multi-racial country. I love the Xmas atmosphere, the Xmas carols which are always sweet and peaceful.

Sorry that you couldn't view our blog video, I'm not sure whether you can watch it now as Rosie had tried to fix it after reading your comment.

Have a great week ahead of your too!