Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little black dress V8574

Emilie found the V8574 dress pretty.
Why not. It is a Very Easy Vogue pattern. I should be able to follow the instructions...
Well, may be not:

It is difficult to read them with a cat on top.
But I had another very helpful assistant:(In case you wonder, Lilly waited until Osiris was away to come and help).
This dress requires some pressing.

Again, I was in trouble:
But I did it:

Only the bottom hem is not done.
This is really a little BLACK dress. In my opinion, it needs a lot of fancy jewelry.
Tomorrow, I'll go to the big town, to buy some fabrics, my garnment stash is empty!


Gail said...

Nice styling. If you see my blog you'll understand my addiction to black.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A beautiful dress Vero. You are getting quite a beautiuful wardrobe made. Your helpers are quite beautiful too.

wendy said...

Awww, your assistant looks so comfy there ;-)

solange said...

J'aime beaucoup cette robe, c'est vrai que j'adore le noir.
Tu as beaucoup de chance d'avoir une aide si assidue de tes assistants. Bises

Joyce said...

Very cute. And classic too.

Susan Elliott said...

That dress is LOVELY!! and the Lilly pin is to die for!

Why is there a 2001 calendar there?

Wanda said...

very nice dress. I think that's what is so great about a little black dress..the accessorizing! Your assistants are sure busy..they have very important jobs!!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Your assistants will surely allow you to accessorize a little black dress with bits of their contrasting coats, eh??? ;-)

Monique A. said...

Superbe modèle.Bravo